Skincare products to use to avoid skin problems from face masks and sanitizers.

Each one of us over the last few months has had to adjust to the new normal of cotton face mask. These face mask in the summer months cause excessive sweating and mask irritation that caused many to give up mask wearing due to their being so uncomfortable.  But as the winter months creep in, and COVID still a threat, Organic skin care is the best way to take good care of your skin. Allowing you to take better care of your health.

Your skin is something that will be with you for the rest of your life. It serves you and your body in a number of ways. It aids in sensory perception, protects you from injuries, works as a barrier against dehydration, assists in temperature maintenance, removes toxic wastes, aids in the manufacture of vitamin D, and serve as a structure to the organs and tissues within your body. In simple words, your skin is a vital part of your life. It’s very essential that you care for it and maintain it in a healthy state so that it will continue to function well for you in future too.

Organic skin care involves using organic products. The word organic is used to describe food that is grown without synthetic pesticides, insecticides or any other artificial chemical. Thus, using organic skin care products can help you take best care of your skin and that to without harming your skin. In simple words, organic helps you gain fresh and glowing skin the natural way.

Different people have different skin texture some of you may have dry skin, normal skins or oily skin but, you need not to worry. Organic skin care products are available in the market to meet the diverse needs of people. Organic cleanser, toner as well as moisturizers are available in wide range in the cosmetic market.

Chemicals used in traditional skin care products affected people’s skin adversely. Organic skin care products have become the latest wrath for people who are interested in avoiding the harmful affects of traditional products. Don’t get confused with the enormous number of organic care products you get to see. You can easily assess the safety of any ingredient listed on your skin care product with the help of your local library or the internet.

No need to stop yourself from looking beautiful and possessing a healthier skin. Organic skin care can help you accomplish this goal easily without harming your skin. Make sure to read the ingredients of the organic skin care product you choose to use, search for organic skin care with certified organic ingredients.

1. Sun Goddess & Moon Goddess Face Oil

A rose inspired face oil that will go well on most skin types. Taking a page out of our fantastic blue tansy face oil we started with a base of squalane, camellia and jojoba oil which are all premium oils that are known to absorb well to any skin type. Then we added in a trio of powerful oils with rosehip, evening primrose and sea buckthorn.. We rounded out our oils with a unique exotic oil with marula oil which is said to have properties from anti aging to reducing inflammation. Lastly we created a wonderful floral scent with rose absolute and chamomile essential oils. All these amazing ingredients mean that this oil goes on silky smooth, absorbs quickly and leaves the skin soft and moisturized with a light rose scent that is just enough but not too strong. 

2. Beeswax Beard Balm

A fantastic all-natural men's beeswax beard & face balm that is great for most skin and hair types. Made with beeswax, sunflower and grape seed oil to create a balanced light oil base that absorbs. shea butter and coconut oil are also included to give a more moisturizing feel to the balm.

And the best part is that even if you don't want to use it for your hair we find that our balm is great for those extra dry spots on the skin.  Just take a bit and rub it in and let the oils and waxes do their job.

3. Men’s All Natural Beard Oil 

Our beard oil contains CBD oil along with a special blend of other natural oils. CBD Oil is believed to be of great benefit for beard growth and skin. CBD oils are made up of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, when combined with vitamin E, leads to hair growth. The CBD oil is a nature’s gift – when applied regularly; it moisturizes the skin.

Which makes our beard oil perfect for those struggling with beard growth.

4. Shea Butter Soap

Shea Butter: Our shea butter bar is loaded with olive oil and, of course, shea butter for a rich hard bar full of moisturizing properties! Excellent for use on face or sensitive skin (use your best judgement according to your skin type).


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