How to Brew a Healing Bath Tea

We all love relaxing baths. But have you tried a healing bath tea? Adding epsom salt, essential oils, and various herbs are sure to enhance your bathing experience providing you with the ultimate relaxation that you're looking for. One thing I think we can all agree on, is that when using fresh herbs and florals in your bath,  clean up afterwards is a mess. If you've been wondering how to effieciently fix a healing bath continue reading. Keep to the end for a bonus recipe. 

Your numerous ways to brew your bath tea and here is just one quick and simple way to I can do there since no mess no fuss and gets the job done very quickly.

How to make a healing bath tea without the mess

Use a coffee maker filter or tea steeper with 1oz of herbs. Here I used rosemary, dandelion, and dried rose 🥀 petals.

Allow the tea to brew as you run your bath water. Pour tea into bath. Add fresh cut flowers for fragrance. Here I used marigolds. Sit for 20 minutes and allow your body to air dry if possible. 

Kitchen herbs have multiple uses, so if you don’t have epsom salt give the above recipe a try.❤️🛀🏾 You won’t regret it!!

The color can vary, but it look as close as possible to actual tea.

Using healing bath to balance your PH levels.

The benefits of Alkaline water has been all over the internet for the last few years. If you are looking for another way to naturally balance your Ph levels, try this once a week bath combo. When switching to natural deodorant do this bath for a few weeks. It will help aid your body's transition to natural products.

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