Beard Essentials Kit

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Our all-natural Shave products deliver a clean and smooth experience every time you shave. Handcrafted in small batches, it is made with the organic ingredients such as beeswax and other botanicals to provide maximum “slip” for a truly effortless shave. This ultra-moisturizing shave trio hydrates skin as it softens stubble for a clean soothing shave that leaves your skin smooth and hydrated. Our shave oil, shave soap and shave balm work in concert for an effortless and soothing shave experience.

Beard Kit comes in 8.5x6.5x3 sustainable gift box.

- Unscented Beard Oil conditions and protects sensitive skin from harsh weather. Use after a smooth shave.

- Rosemary Lavender Shave Bar

- Unscented Beeswax Beard Balm is ultra-light providing immediate relief while nourishing freshly shaved skin all day long. 

-Man Mask restorative face mask.

Gift Set Includes:

1- 4 oz Man Mask
1- 4.0 oz. Shave Soap (Rosemary Lavender)
1- 2oz. Beard Oil (Unscented)
1- 2 oz. Beard Balm (Unscented)