Therapeutic Bath Teas to Help You Relax

Herbal baths have been around for a long time. Since the ancient Egyptians, herbal baths have been used to for many purposes; most importantly relaxation and skin benefits.

The herbs provide a great way to help you soothe aches and pains, and are a simple and relaxing way to support your spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being while winding down. Talk about major benefits!! With power of natural herbs and the soothing benefits warm water, you can absorb supportive plant constituents through the largest organ in your body: your skin.

You can choose whichever herbs you want. Many have a variety specific therapeutic benefits, including softening skin, soothing muscles, stimulating circulation, or combatting infection. Following the below guidelines will help ensure a wonderful spa  like experience.

  • Use a sachet or muslin bag to avoid having loose herbs. Attaching the bag to the faucet or allowing it to run as the tub fills is a more effective way of doing this. It also prevents clogged drains. If your wanting pretty pictures—pour directly into tub. 
  • Hot water causes excessive dryness. Use warm water for maximum benefits.
  • A minimum of 10 minutes with a maximum of 30 minutes will be just long enough for you to receive the benefits of the herbal bath.

1. Golden Flower Herbal Bath

Open up your heart to healing and your pores to the peaceful tranquility of our calming healing bath tea. 

Benefits- stress reliever, cleansing, calming,

Perfect for- men, aging skin


Golden Flowers symbolize longevity, fidelity, joy, and optimism. Guided by the energy of Scorpio, chrysanthemums are masculine flowers representing strength,protection, and seriousness. Known for its cooling powers,and with the addition of honey powder; this flower helps hydrate, and exfoliate. Honey also speeds up scar healing, and is antibacterial.

Helichrysum Flowers This botanical powerhouse is full of our favorite things: antioxidants, flavonoids, hydration, and soothing properties. Stocked full of antioxidants, this oil can also help protect against environmental stressors. Antioxidants help revive the skin to it’s full radiance by working their magic on the appearance of dark spots caused by sun damage.

2. Passion Bath Herbal Bath

Restore your soul, passion, and love for life again.

Bathe in this blend before a night out alone or with your love; use before an intimate evening; or if you are in need of some self love healing and a confidence boost.

Benefits- stress reliever, cleansing, calming,

Perfect for-new moms, long work days, and Sunday Slow downs.

Marigold: Dandelion is known to open pores and free the skin from impurities. Together, marigold flowers, dandelion makes a great addition to our facial steam. This is perfect for dull complexions that are in need of hydration.

Cornflower: Peace.

Yarrow: signals strength and resilience. As well as healing power and protection. Helps ail ones mind, body, and soul.

Yellow Mustard Seed: Mustard has been known to stimulate the sweat glands, opening the pores and helping the body rid itself of toxins

Pink & Red Rose Petals: Soothes skin and helps retain moisture. The sugars in rose petals, especially benefits those with sensitive skin. A rich source of vitamin C, rose petals act as an excellent sun block.


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