The importance of practicing mindfulness before starting your day.

What is the importance of practicing mindfulness? Mindfulness is a great way to continuously live in the now without fear or worry of what’s coming tomorrow. Having a mindful minute, will allow your worries to disappear and pull you back into the current moment in a more more relaxed and calm state. Read on to find out the importance of practicing mindfulness.

Taking the time every morning to have a morning ‘ritual’ something just for you, is a great way to get your day started off on the right foot. Personally, I love looking forward to waking up in the morning, solely because my morning routine has become the brightest spot of my day.

Simple ways to help create a mindful state:

Express gratitude. Every morning I wake up and thank God for a brand new day. Expressing this level of gratitude allows me to connect with the One whom I know knows my heart and where I am.

Morning Mediation. Before getting out of bed it is important to prepare yourself mentally for the day. You can do that by mediating and relaxing your mind. If you know for a fact you have a busy day ahead of you, this is the perfect time to take the opportunity for yourself.

Morning Affirmations. Who doesn’t love a good pep talk? Start the morning off telling yourself how awesome you are and letting the universe know that you are ready to take on the world one more time! Morning affirmations allows you to verbally express your intended energy of the day and will help you to subconsciously repel any negativity coming towards you.

Creating your Sacred Space for Mindfulness

There are a variety of ways to go about creating the perfect space in order for you to practice mindfulness on a daily basis. Making sure that this is a space that limits the amount of daily contact with others unwanted energy -especially those you aren't familiar with, is key and cultivating an area that is beneficial for your needs.

It is important to find elements that resonate with you as well as elements that help where the grounding and allows fresh air and light to cycle through. The things she choose to have in your space are just as important as the things we choose put into your body. Creating your own sacred space is just one step in creating daily rituals for yourself as your own act of self love and care.

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